Tom Weisbecker, DDS

Dr. Tom Weisbecker

Dear patients and friends,

This is a letter I never imagined writing, but my time has come, and I will be retiring from dentistry on July 31, 2019.  I don't know where the time has gone, as I started my dental practice in Sioux Falls on July 1, 1979.  My wife Kristi and I have raised our three children here in Sioux Falls, and now we have 5 grandchildren.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve so many of you in your quest for dental health.  I have been blessed to work with so many excellent staff along the way, but working every day with my dental assistant, Monie Jensen has been a highlight of my career.  She and I have worked side by side for 35 years.  Many things have changed in the world, as well as dentistry in that time.  Monie will also be retiring on July 31, 2019.

South Western Dental is in excellent shape with Dr. Jon Ellenbecker and Dr. Alicia Hansen as its owners.  Beginning August 1, 2019, two new associate dentists will join the practice.  Dr. Hansen's sister, Nicki Hartmann, is joining South Western Dental and Dr. Jon's nephew, Tyson Ellenbecker is coming onboard.  Both are graduates of Creighton University School of Dentistry, so I truly believe all of our patients will be in excellent hands with their future dental care.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your dental health.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Tom Weisbecker