Tim Berger DDS

Dr. Tim Berger

To all my patients and friends,  

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing to you today.

After over 37 years of practice, including 17 1/2 years in Canby, MN and now nearly 18 years here at South Western Dental, I am announcing my retirement effective July 31, 2019.  It has been a privilege to have you trust me with your dental care for all these years.  I have known many of you since I was in Canby.  I have truly enjoyed being a dentist and have been lucky to have had two of my three daughters choose dentistry as a profession.

When I retire, I will be leaving you in good hands.  On August 1, my daughter, Dr. Nicole Hartmann, will join her sister, Dr. Alicia Hansen, as well as Dr. Jon Ellenbecker and Dr. Tyson Ellenbecker here at South Western Dental.

Dr. Hartmann will be taking over my part of the practice, so the next time you come in, you will probably be seeing her.  All of my staff will be the same so you will see the same familiar assistants, hygienists, and front desk people.  The only difference will be that your mouth will be looked at from the other side since Nicki is left-handed.

I am honored to have had you trust me with your dental care.  It is sad for me to be leaving a profession I have enjoyed so much, but I look forward to the new chapters in my life.

Thank you to you all.

Dr. Tim Berger